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Friday, February 28

"Leap Year 'Cupid Missed Me' Singles Happy Hour" at Popular *Fox and Hound Tavern* in Mason $5

Cingles.Net Activities Include:
  • Cincinnati-area Singles Interests and Events
  • Dating and Building Relationships
  • Singles Dinner Parties
  • Singles Dinner Dances
  • Cincinnati and Suburban Ethnic Dining
  • Singles Social Networking
  • Singles Mixers, Happy Hours and Martini Parties
  • Singles Wine Tastings
  • “Talk-It-Overs”
  • Charity Events and Benefits
  • Cincinnati-Area Exploration Events
  • Information on Online Dating
  • Information on Matchmakers

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Frequently Asked Questions About Cingles.Net

What Makes Cingles.Net an Effective Social Network?
We are certainly not a dating service, pricey social “adventure” club or matchmaker, and we are especially not the typical “bar scene.”
Instead, Cingles.Net is a comfortable, friendly singles club that meets in a supportive, convivial atmosphere. We are singles like you who enjoy the company of other singles, fun, good food and drink, and warm interaction. Through our parties and events, you are encouraged to meet attractive and interesting people of the opposite sex who share those same interests and goals, become “friends first” and then, maybe more.
When Are the Parties and What Are They Like?
Most of our events (three to four each month) are held on weekends (especially Friday or Saturday), but some are also held on Wednesdays or Thursdays. You will be greeted and made to feel comfortable by one of our staff and by other members—we are a very personable group.
Through our dinners, cocktail parties, wine tastings, member mixers, dinner dances and other fun activities, you can quickly get to know a number of new friends. All this takes place in a warm setting conducive to increasing your social opportunities and networking possibilities. After each party, you’ll come away feeling you’ve made new friends and possible dating connections.
What Is the Age Range of the Members?
We invite and welcome active single men and women starting from around 40 years old and above. Our stated membership target is single adults in their 40s through 60s. We don’t check IDs at the door, but rest assured, our membership reflects those demographics. Each event brings out a unique mix of people.
How Is Cingles.Net Better than Other Singles Organizations?
Secondly, in addition to the parties and events that Cingles.Net hosts, we provide you information on other ways to enhance your singles lifestyle each week via our E-mail newsletters. These include relationship advice, encouragement and singles inspirational thoughts, and commentary on romance, health and other singles-related issues.
In addition, membership in our organization is entirely FREE. You are charged a nominal amount to attend most of our events. That is how we can professionally manage the club, its websites, newsletters and events. In addition, this helps to assure that the people who attend our events are serious about participation and commitment to our organization and its process. People who are looking to cruise a free party can look elsewhere.
Finally, when you attend one of our events (and we emphasize that they are quality parties and events, not gatherings of the desperate and dateless), we do not designate a particular seat where you must sit or make you play silly parlor games. We instead encourage you to maximize your possibilities by meeting and mixing with a variety of people.
How Many and What Types of Fun Events Are Planned?
On average, we host three to four events each month. Our social calendar includes activities like dinner parties, dinner dances, wine tastings, cocktail parties, social networking events and casual after-work mixers and happy hours.
How Do I Reserve for Events?
There are several ways to RSVP. The easiest way is to sign up on our Events page on this site. You also can RSVP on this club’s Meetup page
Please remember, whichever method you choose, all events must be reserved in advance and you are responsible for paying the club’s organization and administration fee (usually $3 - $15 per party, either with a credit or debit card before the “early bird” deadline or with cash at the door) plus pay for your own drinks and food directly to the restaurants. "No-shows" can be penalized or dropped from the club if they have two unexcused absences.
How Do I Pay for Events?
In most cases, you pay our organizing and administration fee either in advance online with a credit or debit card before the “early bird” deadline or at the door in cash. You usually can pay the restaurants with your credit card or cash.
At any of the dinner parties or dinner dances, you are required to purchase a meal, along with the tax and gratuity that it entails. We do not allow members or guests to participate in just the cocktail party or dance portion of a dinner party or dinner dance. You must participate in the entire party.
If I Come to an Event by Myself, Will I Feel Awkward?
Of course not! Over 90% of our members come to our parties by themselves. Our hosts/hostesses assist everyone in meeting one another, and you’ll quickly find that our members are very warm and hospitable. After all, we are all in the same boat as singles looking to meet and get to know other singles.
How Many Events Do I Have to Attend?
It’s always your choice! You are under no obligation to attend a minimum number of events. By the same token, if you only attend one event and expect instant relationship success, you are not likely to get the full benefit of club membership and participation.
Can I Make a Last-minute Reservation?
If you see you have a free evening and would like to join us, please call or better yet, RSVP before the party deadline. We will always do our best to accommodate you.
Is It Possible to Make Special Requests?
Yes, just let us know in advance and we will make every effort to accommodate you. We often deal with members who are gluten-free or vegetarians.
How Can I Get the Most Out of Being a Cingles.Net Member?
Be realistic in your expectations. Attend a variety of events, enjoying each party and the opportunities it provides to meet lots of interesting single people. Try not to anticipate meeting that perfect someone at your first event, although it sometimes does happen! Keep in mind that you are generally your most appealing and attractive self when you are upbeat and open to having a terrific time.
Do You Have to Be a Member to Attend an Event?
We understand that it is often not easy for singles to make the decision to stretch beyond their “Comfort Zone” and take that first step to join a singles club. The best way to get the most out of the club is to join. Why? Because we have found that for most singles, the key to success in their social life is taking that first step, committing to the process of meeting and getting to know other discerning singles like themselves. So, rather than encouraging “window shopping”, we instead make the decision to join Cingles.Net as risk-free as possible for you. That’s why membership is free!
Should you wish to check us out first, you are permitted attend one of the regular events as a guest or non-member. After that, if you wish to continue to participate, you must join the club by simply signing up for our weekly E-mail newsletter.
By focusing on individuals who, like you, are committed to meeting, socializing with and getting to know each other, we find that friendships, relationships and networking possibilities are optimized, and “players” look elsewhere.

Above All, We Are Very Confident that Our Members Are Rewarded by Their Decision to Join and Participate in Cingles.Net!